Lynyrd Skynrd’s BBQ

Adventures of Kain and Tin-Tin @ Excalibur to Lynyrd Skynrd’s Beer and BBQ


Brisket $4.95/lb                                                                                                            

Jalapeno and Cheese Sausage $5

Ribs $4.95/lb

Potato Salad with bacon $5

Mashed Poato $5

Corn Muffin $5

This adventure was completely different. It wasn’t full service it was more half service (Cafeteria Style). The waitress takes your drink order and serves the beer and water in a mason jar (Southern Style) then gives you a white folded piece of paper that I called “The Meat Passport”. You take your passport to the food line to pick and choose your meat, sides, extras, ice cream, and condiments after (oh and white bread).

The best part about this food adventure was not the meats but actually the sides, which was the potato salad and the mash. I would totally go back for more sides!



Secret Pizza (Cosmopolitan) SHHH

Adventures of Miriam, Kevin, Kain and Tin-Tin @ Cosmopolitan to the Secret Pizza

This gem is tucked away in a corridor with no signage or directions for it. It’s not even in the hotel directory. So to find it, you must trek to the 3rd floor, once you see the pool table there is a corridor directly across it with old music albums along its walls. Alas, you have found the secret pizza which everyone is raving about.


Whole White Pizza $25


This was my 3rd time to this place and still the plain white pizza still amazes me. White pizza contains ricotta, basil, olive oil, and mozzarella. I had friends that recommended to add sundried tomato and olives to give it more definition (Ill try it next time for sure). You can order by the slice and add extra toppings for a charge of course. The slices cost $5 and $0.25 for every extra topping or order the ready made pizza slices for $5. There isn’t much room to stay and eat. There are a few bar-stools around but that’s about it. You can chose to sit outside by the pool table area, there are plenty of seating scattered throughout the 3rd floor. There are however, two pinball machines and an arcade game to help entertain while you wait for the best white pizza ever!


Hash House A GO GO

Hash House A GO GO.

Hello Sin City Grubberz!

This blog is for all the foodies out there and those who are ready to go on a food trip around Las Vegas!

Firefly Tapas

Adventures of Miriam and Tin-Tin to firefly(tah-pahs) @ Paradise Rd

We ordered:

Chicken Salad $6.5

Firefly Fries $6

Petite Fillet $10

White Sangria $7

The chicken salad was good for sharing. It was served with four pieces of endive and the chicken salad was made of (according to the menu) chicken breasts, grapes, smoked almonds (didn’t find that on the plate), and creamy cider dressing. Overall this is not the kind of salad you order if your counting calories (if you know what I mean).

Firefly Fries were abundant (portion size) and the aioli was  pretty good. It was exactly how it was described.

Petite Filet cooked medium had good texture and came with yummy red potatoes, mushrooms and topped with herb cheese (so lactose intolerant beware)

I was disappointed that this location didn’t have the crab-claw corndogs $6.5 (only available at sumerlin and henderson locations) epic FAIL!!!

White Sangria wasn’t spectacular but anything with alcohol and fruits! Count me IN!!!

Firefly* Tapas Kitchen and Lounge on Urbanspoon


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